Victoria Park

Kew in Woiwurrung Country

Victoria Park’s transformation exemplifies innovation and creative problem-solving in landscape design. Despite challenging constraints, including a deteriorated bluestone retaining wall, steep slopes, and protected trees, the project aimed to create a fully accessible regional playspace, meeting high stakeholder expectations.

Community engagement played a pivotal role, shaping the playground’s design through two rounds of consultations. Notably, a 3D computer model and video flythrough facilitated effective communication of the design intent, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project’s innovation lies in its ability to adapt to a difficult site, creatively incorporating a pump track, senior fitness node, picnic areas, and Changing Places Facility, all within a challenging landscape. The restoration and enhancement of the 1970s bluestone wall, with climbing elements and an accessible nature trail, demonstrate a harmonious blend of heritage preservation and modern functionality.

Sustainability was central, with initiatives including repurposing old playground equipment in Fiji, supporting local suppliers, using recycled materials, and enhancing biodiversity through extensive planting. The result is a multi-generational, community-centric space that respects the past while embracing the future, promoting well-being, and environmental stewardship.

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