St Catherine’s Senior School

Toorak in Woiwurrung Country

This project holds significant importance as it successfully achieves the vision of harmonizing the old and the new, offering high-quality external spaces for both students and staff to enjoy and engage with. It creates seamless connections between the built facilities, enhancing the overall educational environment.

The Science Building courtyard design, characterized by its curvilinear seating arrangements within a tree bosque, fosters social interaction and provides students with a welcoming and inspiring outdoor space. The inclusion of a designated food science area aligns with the school’s strong science curriculum, promoting practical learning and hands-on experiences.

The integration of pergolas and green wall systems not only connects buildings with the surrounding landscape but also contributes to sustainability by improving energy efficiency. The addition of large timber decks adjoining the library and Mary Davis Centre offers students valuable areas for relaxation and outdoor learning.

Furthermore, the planting theme, with carefully selected trees and their strategic placement, not only provides natural shade but also reinforces the school’s garden history and strengthens pedestrian links. This project’s significance lies in its ability to enhance the school’s overall learning environment, promote sustainability, and honour its historical roots.

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