St Catherine’s Junior School

Toorak in Woiwurrung Country

This project is of significant importance due to its meticulous approach in addressing the essential requirements of the school community while effectively overcoming substantial challenges. The construction of the replacement Junior School building, alongside the development of an associated village green and playground area, represents a pivotal moment in the school’s modernization and growth journey.

The decision to strategically position the new building to allow the existing structure to remain during construction demonstrates a strong commitment to minimizing disruptions for both staff and students, highlighting the school’s dedication to providing a stable and conducive learning environment.

The project’s innovative problem-solving in response to significant level changes on the site and its focus on accessibility and design flexibility exemplify a forward-thinking approach. The inclusion of tiered seating that functions as both a social gathering space and an accessible walkway showcases creative and multi-functional landscape design.

Ultimately, this project’s significance lies in its ability to harmonize the practical needs of the school with visionary design, enhancing the outdoor educational experience, fostering a sense of community, and preserving a number of school traditions.

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