Seaford Life-Saving Club

Seaford in Boonwurrung Country

The collaboration between ACLA and the Council for the landscape design around the Seaford Surf Life Saving Club serves a pivotal role in enhancing the connection between the car park and the beach. This project exemplifies thoughtful planning and sustainability.

The design ensures a harmonious interaction with the coastal environment by guiding visitors through remnant foreshore vegetation using permeable paving that allows rainwater to infiltrate the soil. As visitors move toward the beach, a transitional space seamlessly connects with the existing pier and life-saving club. Notably, sculptural timber retaining/seating walls offer a scenic viewpoint, enhancing the bay experience.

Furthermore, the landscape upgrade incorporates essential amenities such as wayfinding signage, bicycle parking, feature lighting, a drinking fountain, and a foot shower, enhancing the overall user experience. This project significantly benefits the community, aligning with the Council’s commitment to expand access opportunities and elevate the visual appeal of the foreshore environment, making it a more inviting and sustainable space for all.

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