Mill Park Library

Mill Park in Woiwurrung Country

The library stands as a prominent landmark in the heart of the Plenty growth corridor, with a project that prioritized versatile, cost-effective, and sustainable external facilities. Emphasizing accessibility and universal design principles, the project regraded the entry forecourt and bridged the existing deck to the library’s outdoor learning space, ensuring inclusivity.
The revitalization extended to the library’s external learning and gathering area, transforming an underutilized space into a dynamic hub. Natural materials were used to create sensory and exploratory play features, complemented by climbable surfaces, seating, lighting, an open multi-purpose lawn, a community food garden, decking, and accessible pathways. Fencing and natural barriers were added for both privacy and acoustic benefits for neighbours.

The Northern Public Space was reinvented into a versatile activity and gathering area, replacing a large mound with seating, platforms, landscaping, and open spaces. This rejuvenated zone accommodates various activities, from children’s reading sessions to sustainability demonstrations and outdoor exhibitions. Enhanced lighting and widened pathways ensure safety and encourage physical activity.

The library’s entrance received a facelift with new seating, planting, and lighting, promoting public use and utilizing natural courtyard light in the afternoons. Specialized lighting also communicates community messages, such as ‘beyond blue’ or ‘Pride week,’ visible from Plenty Road, fostering a strong sense of community engagement.

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