McKinnon Reserve

McKinnon in Boonwurrung Country

McKinnon Reserve Playground draws its inspiration from the majestic English Oak tree that graces the site, tapping into the intrinsic childhood delight of climbing trees. The design revolves around a feature custom timber treehouse, featuring multiple levels, connecting bridges, climbing nets, and slides, offering a range of challenges suited for children from toddlers to teenagers. To ensure minimal impact on the tree, we employed non-invasive hydro excavation techniques to pinpoint the structural posts. This allows children to safely explore the lower reaches of the canopy before ascending the towering structure, immersing themselves amongst the treetops and fostering a deeper connection with nature and environmental responsibility.

In addition to the treehouse, the playground is enhanced by a dual flying fox, swings, spinners, interactive and natural elements, accompanied by a bouldering wall and basketball court, enriching the play experiences for individuals of all ages and abilities.

In summary, this site has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from an outdated, underutilised playground that no longer met the diverse needs of the growing community. It has now blossomed into a sanctuary of nature-inspired play, excitement, and boundless exploration.

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