Hampshire Road Stage 1

Sunshine in Woiwurrung Country

The completion of Stage 1 of the Hampshire Road Public Realm Upgrade marked a transformative moment for the Sunshine Town Centre. It fosters vital connections between key areas, such as the town centre, the new railway station, bus interchange, Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, and local shops. This connectivity not only enhances accessibility but also promotes a sense of unity within the community.

The streetscape improvements establish a distinct identity and a more comprehensible public realm. Prioritizing pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport aligns with modern urban planning principles, making the area safer and more accommodating for everyone. The introduction of new pathways, improved street lighting, raised pedestrian crossings, and efficient car parking elevates the overall experience and convenience for residents and visitors.

Furthermore, the addition of trees and the sculptural seating wall at Dickson Street create appealing visual elements while establishing a strong link between the Sunshine Railway Station and Hampshire Road. The conversion of road and parking spaces into a social gathering area demonstrates a commitment to community spaces.

In sum, Stage 1 represents a significant step toward realizing the broader vision of the Sunshine Town Centre into a vibrant, well-connected, and thriving urban hub.

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