Ford Park

Bellfield in Woiwurrung Country

The aim of the Ford Park project was to create an overarching master plan that took into account the specific needs and opportunities presented by the park’s unique setting. Through thorough site analysis and community consultation, a vision for Ford Park emerged, with a focus on enhancing community health and well-being through a phased implementation plan.

The design of Ford Park places a strong emphasis on maximizing accessibility and connectivity both within the park and to adjacent parklands and reserves, such as the Darebin Creek Trail. It addresses the need for upgraded sports pavilions and ovals while introducing new amenities like picnic facilities, a district-level playspace, learn-to-ride and scoot tracks, and multipurpose sports courts. The addition of a Tan Track with fitness stations around the park’s perimeter complements exercise opportunities.

The redesign of the pavilion car park is aimed at improving efficiency and reducing conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians, enhancing overall safety. These timely improvements respond to the increasing demand for quality open space, driven by the local population growth in Bellfield, which is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

This project serves as a testament to ACLA’s ability to identify and prioritize community needs, subsequently designing spaces that align with Council’s maintenance and budget parameters. It showcases a comprehensive and community-centred approach to urban planning, ensuring that Ford Park can effectively meet the evolving needs of the local residents while promoting health and well-being.

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