Evelyn Street

Frankston in Boonwurrung Country

The landscape design for Evelyn Street stands out as a remarkable urban improvement and sustainability project. Its significance lies in its comprehensive approach to enhancing the urban environment. By prioritizing pedestrians and cyclists over traditional vehicle zoning, it promotes healthier and more sustainable transportation methods, improving safety and convenience.

The incorporation of vegetation swales in place of street parking is a commendable move, as it not only beautifies the area but also manages stormwater effectively and aligns with environmental best practices, reducing pollution in nearby waterways. The introduction of trees and ground-level planting adds greenery and warmth to the urban space, fostering a more inviting and human-centred environment, in line with the ‘Evelyn Street Greenlink Master Plan.’

Additionally, the inclusion of environmentally sustainable design (ESD) lighting enhances nighttime safety, creating a secure and welcoming atmosphere. The transformation of Evelyn Street also creates opportunities for placemaking, contributing to community identity and a stronger sense of place. Overall, this landscape design represents a significant step in addressing urban challenges, making Evelyn Street a more vibrant, sustainable, and safe urban corridor.

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