Central Gardens

Hawthorn in Woiwurrung Country

ACLA worked closely with the Council’s Landscape Design Team to create a playground design for Central Gardens in Hawthorn. This design aimed to meet both community expectations and the allocated budget. Central Gardens is a significant parkland with a rich history, and one of its most iconic features is a rocket structure from the 1960s.

The design focused on preserving the rocket while updating and renovating it to align with current playground safety standards. In addition to the rocket, the playspace incorporated unique and whimsical play and art elements that complemented the “Space” theme associated with the site. The design also took into consideration the historical garden setting and the open green lawns, providing a space for families and friends to supervise and enjoy the play activities.

This project serves as an example of ACLA’s collaborative approach with the Council and their commitment to respecting and preserving cherished features like the heritage rocket, which continues to be a centrepiece of the park’s identity.

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