Booran Reserve

Glen Huntly in Boonwurrung Country

AILA Vic Landscape Architecture Award: Playspace Category, 2018

Parks & Leisure Australia Award Park of the Year, Victoria, 2018

Parks & Leisure Australia Playspace Award (Category  over $500K), Victoria, 2018

Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards, 2018

National Sports Convention: Sports, Recreation and Play Innovation Award, 2017

National Sports Convention: Playground Award, 2017

Booran Reserve, formerly a reservoir constructed in 1883, underwent a remarkable transformation when it was transferred to Glen Eira City Council in 2008. This evolution involved an extensive community-driven master planning process resulting in a cutting-edge playspace that beautifully blends history with modern inclusivity. The design ingeniously references the reservoir’s past, with “giant pipes,” “concentric ripples,” and “flowing water” elements creating a dynamic and engaging environment.

The playspace is a model of sustainability, reusing site materials, collecting and treating stormwater for reuse, and incorporating abundant greenery to combat urban heat. Durable materials and robust play equipment ensure longevity and cost-efficiency, while the project has boosted the local economy and property values.

This flagship playspace transcends traditional typologies, offering universal access, diverse play experiences, and a seamless connection with the broader reserve. Booran Reserve has evolved from a forgotten reservoir into an urban oasis, a vibrant destination that fosters well-being, social interaction, and intergenerational play for the community, now and in the future.

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