Bentleigh Hodgson Reserve

East Bentleigh in Boonwurrung Country

The design of the Active Youth Space is geared towards providing a diverse range of recreational opportunities, with a primary focus on older children, teenagers, and adults. It takes into account several key elements to create an engaging and sustainable environment.

One notable feature is the integration of tiered social and spectator seating around the multipurpose court, effectively addressing the significant site levels. This design ensures that not only can people participate in various activities but also comfortably watch and socialise.

The inclusion of giant climbing structures and a customized bouldering wall, which doubles as a rebound hit-up wall, offers a unique and challenging experience for active youth and visitors. These elements encourage physical activity and skill development.

Sustainability is a central theme in the design, with the use of recycled bricks and plinth blocks, locally sourced timbers, and native vegetation. The choice of materials, such as glass-reinforced concrete, reflects a commitment to low energy embodied properties, minimizing environmental impact.

Moreover, the Active Youth Space is designed to cater to intergenerational experiences, allowing children to transition from the nearby junior playground to more challenging activities like scaling walls, participating in basketball, and engaging in other ball sports. Sheltered areas further facilitate social gatherings and interactions.

This project exemplifies ACLA’s proficiency in coordinating sub-consultants and specialist contractors to create a well-integrated space that not only promotes recreation and accessibility but also maintains a strong connection to the broader landscape. It reflects a holistic approach to urban design that considers the diverse needs and interests of the community while prioritizing sustainability and inclusivity.

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