Balwyn Community Hub

Surrey Hills Woiwurrung Country

The Balwyn Community Hub encompasses a wide range of critical improvements and enhancements, effectively addressing various facets of site design and functionality. These encompass improvements in car parking and access roads to enhance traffic flow and a strong emphasis on pedestrian safety and compliance with disability access standards, making the site safer for everyone.

A key environmental aspect of the project involves the restoration of the wetland area, with the removal of invasive species and the introduction of native vegetation to support ecological balance and biodiversity. Furthermore, the project demonstrates a commitment to preserving the cultural and environmental heritage of the site, including the retention of culturally significant species and canopy trees, while also enhancing habitat values and biodiversity. A boardwalk through the wetland successfully connects the Hub Building to the Recreation Space on Whitehorse Road.

The redevelopment includes the expansion of community garden facilities, providing additional vegie plots, storage, restroom and rainwater collection. A community recreational space complete with picnic facilities, a refurbished tennis court, fitness equipment, and a secondary restroom, fosters a sense of community and encourages active lifestyles. Improved connectivity coupled with a strong focus on sustainability further exemplifies the project’s commitment to responsible design.

In summary, this project stands as an example of a comprehensive and holistic approach to site development. It not only considers ecological, cultural, and community aspects but also aligns with Council requirements and addresses the diverse needs and desires of the community. Its outcome and dedication to sustainability and safety underscores ACLA’s commitment to responsible and inclusive design, ultimately creating a vibrant and harmonious space that benefits both residents and the environment.

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