Thomastown War Memorial

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Project Specifics

Location: Thomastown
Consultancy Services: Schematic Design, 3D Conceptualisation


The Thomastown War Memorial is currently an avenue of honour consisting of twenty-one trees and plaques commemorating twenty-one serviceman originally from the Thomastown district. ACLA was engaged by Whittlesea City Council to enhance the Memorial as a place of reflection and create a civic gathering space. Remembrance, reflection, national identity and “the passage of time” are key influences in the design which proposes a tri-faceted vertical sculpture representing the three armed services. Highlighting the gateway to Thomastown and the City of Whittlesea the sculpture casts a shadow reminiscent of a sundial. A bronze wattle wreathe sculpture is positioned at the apex of the shadow cast by the vertical element at 11am on Remembrance Day. The design provides a path to the avenue of honour and plaques increasing the opportunity for people to connect with them. Also proposed is a shade structure with seating in salute formation honouring the twenty-one servicemen commemorated at the site.

Project Location

Thomastown War Memorial

180 High St, Thomastown VIC 3074, Australia

Level 1, Suite 2/ 278 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121
Telephone +61 3 9381 4366

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