High Street Shopping Village Amenity Improvements

Urban Design and Renewal

Project Specifics

Location: Epping Central Shopping Centre, Epping

Consultancy Services: Master Planning, Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation


The master plan, prepared for the High Street Shopping Village, Epping, functions as a guide to future streetscape works focusing on improved pedestrian amenity, access and circulation. The plan also seeks to attract investment to combat competition from the nearby Epping Plaza and further the economic viability of the centre. Stage 1 implementation works have been completed and include custom designed seats, litter and recycling bin enclosures branding the EPPing Central logo, low meandering concrete walls to guide and influence pedestrian movement and safety, and the replacement of visually obstructive vegetation with more suitable low growing species. Wayfinding signage was successfully integrated at pre-defined amenity cluster locations. The success of Stage 1 will provide the impetus for future staged improvement works.

Project Location

High Street

Epping VIC 3076, Australia

Level 1, Suite 2/ 278 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121
Telephone +61 3 9381 4366

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