Darebin Creek Landscape Master Plan

Parks and Trails

Project Specifics

Location: City of Whittlesea

Consultancy Services: Master Planning


The study area for the Darebin Creek Landscape Master Plan is the section of the Darebin Creek Trail from Holt Park, Bundoora (south of Settlement Road) to Lancia Park, Epping (north of Findon Road). The Darebin Creek Shared Path Upgrade Project includes works being undertaken to convert the existing granitic sand path to a 2.5m wide concrete path. The upgrade will eventually provide users access to a safe and uninterrupted pedestrian and cycle path providing a major metropolitan route from Epping North to the Yarra River.

The Master Plan prepared by ACLA, following extensive site analysis, provides landscape guidelines to support the shared path construction, including recommendations to help improve the connectedness, safety and visual amenity for users by enhancing landscape treatments along the route and at key destinations. An integrated wayfinding strategy was prepared in conjunction with ACLA’s report and together the works will accommodate the considerable increase in projected users.

Project Location

Darebin Creek

Sycamore Reserve, Mill Park VIC 3082, Australia

Level 1, Suite 2/ 278 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121
Telephone +61 3 9381 4366

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