Cunninghame Mall

Urban Design and Renewal

Project Specifics

Location: Sale

Consultancy Services: Schematic Design, 3D Conceptualisation


Cunninghame Mall is the heart of public activity in Sale, Victoria. Council approached ACLA Consultants in collaboration with David Lock Associates to investigate design options aimed at rejuvenating the town’s central civic space and to address key issues including an ageing space, lack of vibrancy, windswept conditions and general high maintenance.

The vision was to create an exciting and sustainable public space which revitalised the existing mall, creating a central focus for the CBD. The design caters for a wide variety of activity, meeting and events, creating a hub for the local community. The contemporary design of the Mall uses high quality materials that reference the region.

Project Location

Cunninghame Mall

Cunninghame St, Sale VIC 3850, Australia

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