Clare Court Children Services


Project Specifics

Location: Yarraville

Consultancy Services: Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation, Contract Administration


The upgrade of the centre offers a number of different sized courtyard spaces specifically allocated for different age groups. Key features include several digging patches and sandpits, winding stepping stone and log round pathways, a terraced kitchen garden, storage seats for toys and custom fencing integrating transparent Perspex sheeting to project coloured light onto pathways and provide peepholes for children to see through. Shelters are provided over sandpits, which not only provide shade, but divert collected rainwater to rainwater tanks subsequently used by children within the digging patches and sandpits. Decks, crazy paving, pebble trickle streams and rocks all add to the diversity of texture within the garden. Ornamental pears have also been integrated to showcase autumn foliage and seasonal change.

Project Location

10 Prince Patrick Street, Richmond VIC 3121
Telephone +61 3 9381 4366

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