Box Hill South Kindergarten


Project Specifics

Location: Box Hill South

Consultancy Services: Schematic Design, 3D Conceptualisation


The playspace design creates a range of interesting spaces for different types of play. A tree house is proposed around an existing Queensland Brush Box incorporating coloured Perspex port holes, tunnels, binoculars, talking tubes and a slide. A water pump and trickle stream link a sandpit and digging patch and is bordered with rocks, rubber storage tyres and a feature arched timber bridge. A bamboo forest creates secret refuge areas with miniature log seats and tables, doorway entrances, sculptures and stepping stone paths.

Other key features include a farm area complete with farmhouse cubby, miniature rural fence and cow sculpture feeding on pasture; a raised veggie patch and fruit tree orchard with chicken sculptures and a teepee frame for children to drape with sheets and collected branches.

The Box Hill South Kindergarten Outdoor Playspace will provide an exciting area for children to develop in all aspects of life – physically, socially and ‘naturally’. It will be a place children look forward to with opportunities to create, explore and imagine.

Project Location

Box Hill South Kindergarten

Rotary Ct, Box Hill South VIC 3128, Australia

10 Prince Patrick Street, Richmond VIC 3121
Telephone +61 3 9381 4366

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